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Founder, CSO, and Chair of the SAB at Aspen Neuroscience

Dr. Jeanne Loring, Professor Emeritus at Scripps Research Institute and Founder, CSO, and Chair of the SAB at Aspen Neuroscience

A Biotech Innovators Spotlight on Dr. Jeanne Loring, Ethicist and the Godmother of Stem Cells

In this episode of Biotech Innovators, Dr. Jeanne Loring, Professor Emeritus at Scripps Research Institute and Founder, CSO, and Chair of the SAB at Aspen Neuroscience, joins host Josh Judkins to discuss her work in stem cell research, Parkinson's disease, her partnership with the Summit for Stem Cell, entrepreneurship, and the importance of support and mentorship in academia and business.

Biotech innovator, Samir Ounzain

Samir Ounzain, Haya Therapeutics

Learning How Targeting Dark Matter Helps Develop Fibrotic Disease Treatment

While still considering himself a fundamental basic scientist, Samir Ounzain is embracing the biotech industry trend of merging academic research and biotechnological drug development. In this episode, Ounzain talks about his path from a dark theater as a kid watching Jurassic Park to the lab studying the dark matter of the human genome – and eventually to the founding of Haya Therapeutics, a biotech startup aiming to discover and develop safe and effective, tissue- and cell-selective, genome-based therapies for fibrotic diseases.

Dr. Joshua Schiffman headshot

Joshua Schiffman, MD, PEEL Therapeutics

Evolution Is Our Platform; Patients Are Our Purpose

Dr. Schiffman is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist and co-founder/CEO of PEEL Therapeutics headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, USA and Haifa, Israel. It's a clinical stage biotech company with a serendipitous origin story and a bright future. The company's name is the Hebrew word for elephant—an animal with amazing cancer-fighting genes that ignited the imaginations of Dr. Schiffman and his partners, sparking a new approach to fighting disease in humans starting with cancer and inflammatory diseases. PEEL's work is inspired by evolution and focused on the science and the interconnectedness of all life on earth. They're aiming to turn millions of years of evolution into the medicine humans need today.

Biotech Innovator, Ainslie Little

Ainslie Little, BlueRock Therapeutics

Learning How BlueRock's Cell+Gene Platform May Help Treat Intractable Diseases

Cell and gene therapies may well be some of the most important recent advancements in modern medicine. The way they work, however, is very complex and completely different from any pill that simply addresses symptoms. So, who are the pioneers in this field and what dares them to ask, “what if”? 

In this episode of the Biotech Innovators podcast, learn from Ainslie Little, senior vice president of corporate strategy at BlueRock Therapeutics, and how her company’s cell & gene platform is breaking new ground in this important space.

Co-founder Josh Arant of MAKO Medical, a lab diagnostics company

Josh Arant, MAKO Medical

Ever wonder how a business can pivot when a global pandemic occurs? Josh Arant, co-founder MAKO Medical, discusses how they disrupted the status quo with passion and a heartfelt desire to give more to their clients. Then, how they rose to meet the needs of their community and country during a time of crisis.

Thomas Jarvie

Thomas Jarvie, Shoreline Biome

Thomas Jarvie, formerly of Shoreline Biome

One of the greatest unexplored spaces in the world, is the microbiome: a bustling network of trillions of microorganisms living inside each of us. If we could learn more about them, the advances we’d make in healthcare and other fields would be incredible. 

This line of thinking is what spurred Thomas Jarvie, former CEO and Co-Founder, to start Shoreline Biome, maker of the most complete end-to-end microbiome sample prep kits on the market. Hear his incredible story in this Biotech Innovators podcast.

Brent Cezairliyan headshot

Brent Cezairliyan, VP of Biology, Octagon Therapeutics

When it comes to biotech, both the academic and industry settings are crucial in developing novel medicines. Dr. Brent Cezairliyan has experienced both sides of biotech, first through an academic career exploring bacterial pathogenesis, and now in his administrative role at Octagon Therapeutics. The company, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, focuses on autoimmune disease treatments. By developing targeted approaches to the inflammatory nature of the immune system, they hope their advances in biotech help future scientists navigate the field for years to come.

Chief Business Office of Medace

Kurt Gielen, Medace

One of the harsher realities to balance in the biotechnology and life sciences industries is that success in the lab is not the same as success in business, and you have to run a successful business to keep the lab going. Kurt Gielen, co-founder and chief business officer of Medace, knew he didn’t belong in the lab but also that a career in the biotech business was his calling.

Now he’s leveraging his 20 years of experience in the industry to help young companies strike that balance between business and science. Medace offers an innovative co-working environment where research and entrepreneurship meet – and grow. Kurt shares his path from the lab, across the globe, and eventually to this unique Belgium-based incubator committed to turning research into reality and discusses why he’s committed to making Medace’s resources and knowledge accessible to fledgling biotech companies all over the world.

Biotech Innovator, Sue Fletcher

Sue Fletcher, PYC Therapeutics

When university and industry researchers work in tandem to conquer big challenges in medicine, they can achieve much more together than they ever could apart. Sue Fletcher, a pioneer in RNA therapeutics and Chief Scientific Officer at PYC Therapeutics, knows this firsthand.

She has spent decades in the field and is the co-developer of some revolutionary genetic therapies for treating rare diseases. Here, Dr. Fletcher answers questions about her work in this field, her incredible career, and how she’s inspiring young scientists in this complex area.

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