Helping you provide reliable services for your customers every time


Your ability to provide research, manufacturing, or testing services to your clients depends on your ability to meet their needs on-time, in-scope, and within budget. Whether you are a Contract Research Organization (CRO) or Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), your customer’s timeline is essentially your own. With your contract as your promise, you need to be confident that you can deliver on every commitment, every day.

We have listened to your needs and think Thermo Fisher Scientific can add an advantage by being your partner in this effort. Our fast, flexible, and cost-effective solutions are designed to consistently deliver high-quality results. We support this unrivaled breadth of scalable products and services with a legacy of experience and know-how.

As your partner, we invite you to connect with us at every step—for support, guidance, or help meeting any challenge you might face. From state-of-the-art automation, global services and support, and connectivity tools, to expertise in navigating regulatory requirements, simply no other industry partner can offer the full range of robust solutions you will have on your side with Thermo Fisher Scientific helping you deliver for your customer.


We understand what it means to be a service provider in biotech


While usually behind the scenes when it comes to the latest breakthroughs, service providers are critical to the success of their customers. As a CRO or CDMO, you need confidence that the medical devices, diagnostics products, and manufacturing tools, equipment, and support needed to help your clients bring new drugs and molecular solutions to market will be safe, consistent, dependable, high quality, scalable, and flexible.

To provide services to companies competing to bring new solutions to the health care market quickly, you have no room for slowdowns or inefficiencies caused by regulatory or compliance challenges, unanticipated costs, or supply-chain issues. Every potential bottleneck must be anticipated before you sign a contract, so you can give reliable advice and offer every level of support with confidence. Great service providers enable their clients to focus squarely on delivering leading-edge solutions for patients.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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