Enabling new therapeutics to advance personalized medicine


Your work to leverage the latest scientific insights toward the development of new therapies is nothing short of revolutionary. In a constantly evolving environment with health outcomes at stake, you are driving innovations with the goal of treating each individual’s care as a unique medical challenge. From the discovery of novel therapeutic targets to the development of powerful immunotherapies and vaccines that leverage the power of the immune system, your effort to improve the quality of life is of vital importance.

The urgent need to speed your breakthrough innovations to market and ultimately to the people who can benefit from them is what drives us. Listening to your needs we understand no other partner to the biotech industry that can support the rapid, end-to-end development of a therapeutic like Thermo Fisher Scientific can. From discovery to commercialization, our innovative and flexible tools, scalable solutions, and custom services help accelerate your success.


The importance of therapeutics


From immunotherapies to cancer vaccines, the range of new therapies emerging from the scientific pursuit of improved health outcomes is astounding. But there is still an immeasurable amount of work to do. With higher incidences of chronic illnesses around the world, the need for effective therapies is greater than ever. From stem cell therapies designed to aid the regeneration of cells and tissue, to gene therapies that attempt to address disease by transforming a patient’s DNA, the potential of novel therapeutics to help treat diseases offers new hope for patients and the promise of personalized care for everyone.

At the leading edge of research into new treatments are T cell therapies that enlist a patient’s immune cells to attack cancer cells, and novel gene editing tools like CRISPR that offer precise modification of cells to repair genetic defects that underly diseases. Small molecule pharmacology, protein-based biologics, and vaccine development represent ever-evolving approaches to therapeutics for treating and preventing a wide range of illnesses. Companies at the forefront of developing these solutions face a volatile and competitive market where best-in-class tools and support can mean the difference between failure and success.


Our solutions in therapeutics


Cell therapy

Your work holds the potential to deliver life-changing treatments. Our mission is to help you succeed by providing high-quality materials, services, and support to help you translate your cell therapy from discovery to clinic.

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Gene therapy

Gene therapy research holds great promise for treating a wide range of diseases that were once thought untreatable. Explore our portfolio of high-quality gene therapy products and services to discover the tools you need.

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Vaccine research and development

Harnessing the power of the human immune system to fight disease, your vaccine production efforts can improve health outcomes and prevent pandemics. The world relies on you to rapidly develop and deploy safe and effective vaccines.

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Immunotherapy research and development

With the recent surge of T cell–based immunotherapies, more researchers are taking interest in these specialized immune cells, particularly with respect to the development of chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapies.

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Biologics research and development

The expansion of personalized medicine has also had an impact on drugs' evolutionary timelines. Biologics are advancing swiftly. Partner with us for access to tools that enhance your innovation.

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