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From translating scientific discoveries to breakthrough medicines, Thermo Fisher Scientific stays a step ahead of your needs so you can go a step beyond in every stage of your scientific journey. Delivering the products, services, expertise, and technical support you need to push the boundaries of what’s possible in your discovery, research, and commercial manufacturing.

Step Beyond Stories

A second shot at life - Gideon and his family find hope in CAR T cell therapy

When Gideon was just five years old, his health took a turn for the worse. He began experiencing fevers, unexplained swelling in his chest, and sensitivity to the sun.


After multiple, inconclusive tests and doctor visits, he was due to have an MRI at Rady’s Children Hospital when his mom, Sosy, got a call asking her to bring Gideon to the hospital immediately. It was there that they got the heartbreaking news: their little boy had leukemia.

Applications & Industries

Financial and Leasing Services

From traditional leasing programs to comprehensive subscriptions services, our financial solutions have the flexibility you need to support your budget and technology needs.

Digital Solutions and Services

Our complete suite of digital solutions enables you to connect everything - lab automation, data management and digital partners, giving you complete control and oversight of your lab.

New Lab Program

Jump Start for Biotech is a free program created to get your new lab up and running with leading edge products organized by therapeutic development and diagnostic workflows.

Supply Center Program

Take advantage of our online, one-stop shop for all of your lab's inventory needs. By alleviating the chase for supplies, you can spend more time focusing on what matters: results.

TrueGuide Synthetic gRNA Search

Synthetic gRNAs are ready-to-transfect CRISPR sgRNAs designed and validated to provide specific and high-efficiency knockout of your target gene.

Flow Cytometry Panel Builder

We offer services, expertise, and experience to accelerate you from discovery to clinical development and commercialization.