Applied Biosystems

Where genomics comes together.

From the gold-standard technology that helped power the Human Genome Project to the in-house expertise that has continued to support genomic breakthroughs the world over, Applied Biosystems solutions are where genomics comes together.

Delivering the complete end-to-end workflow solutions that scientists need to ask life’s biggest questions, and then go out and find answers

A lot of amazing things happen when genomic solutions come together. Communities come together. The Human Genome project comes together. Food security. Conservation of endangered animals. Preventing diseases. A better world. It all comes together, when we do.

Cancer research

Bringing you the accuracy, speed, and breadth of solutions you need to facilitate your oncology research from discovery through delivery of life-changing treatments

Infectious disease research

Combining gold-standard technology and highly-qualified, in-house expertise together with global supply chain reliability and speed of response to empower your infectious disease research

Complex disease research

Bringing together the flexibility, focus, and breadth of solutions you need to identify, understand, and treat complex diseases with confidence

Rare and inherited disease research

Customized products and services, gold-standard technology, and the unrivaled in-house expertise you need to find the answers to genomics’ biggest questions

Predictive genomics

From preventing diseases to personalized treatments and reducing the cost of healthcare, we deliver the customized solutions and in-house expertise you need to advance your research.


Partnering with you to deliver the in-house expertise and end-to-end, customized solutions you need to advance your agrigenomic research at every stage of the workflow

Evolutionary and conservation biology

Delivering highly qualified genomics expertise combined with flexible and cost-effective solutions to help you find the answers to genomics’ biggest questions

Access essential genetic sciences documents available for download

Delivering precision instruments that help enable the publication-quality data your breakthroughs need. Connecting you with highly qualified in-house experts who can help you overcome challenges. And providing complete end-to-end workflow solutions that work together to deliver results.

QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System

SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.