Play the DNA Milestone Trivia Game

Forty-image images related to milestones in the history of DNA research were selected, illustrated, and worked into the beautiful poster design.  DNA Milestones Trivia cards were created for each image, along with an answer key that assigns a number to each image within the illustration.  The reverse side of the key provides more information about each milestone.  To get started, download the instruction guide to playing DNA Milestones Trivia.

Download the Guide to playing the DNA Trivia Game [PDF, 0.9MB]

Download and print your own DNA milestone poster [PDF, 16MB]


What you need to play:

Illustrated DNA milestone poster
Download now [PDF, 16MB]

DNA Milestone Trivia Cards
Download now [PDF, 0.8MB]

Illustrated poster answer key
Download now [PDF, 5MB]