Applied Biosystem Solutions for Population Genomics

Applied Biosystems solutions have the answers to big population genomics questions

From preventing diseases to personalized treatments to reducing the cost of healthcare and predicting the future of disease through genetics, Applied Biosystems solutions are where the answers to population genomics’ biggest questions come together. We deliver the cost-effective, customized solutions and in-house expertise you need to advance your research at every stage of the workflow.

Transforming Alzheimer’s disease

With the Axiom Genotyping Solution, researchers can develop genomics tools that may ultimately diagnose disease earlier and prescribe medications more safely.

Cardiovascular genetic risk factors

We spoke to Alexandre Pereira at Sao Paulo University Heart Institute to learn more about his research using population-based predictive genomics to build understanding of unique determinants of cardiovascular disease.

Diversity in biobanks

If health systems, governments, and academic research institutes want to better serve their communities, population-based biobanks need to be representative of people with different genetic backgrounds.

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