Detect: Molecular Probes® Flow Reagents

What do you want to detect in your cells?

Validate your process and ensure your experiment is on track, see how your cells are responding and look at some key indicators, understand the factors that lead to optimal results, and ask the critical questions that move you on to the next experimental step.

Are my



Are my cells
dividing and


Are my cells
healthy or


Are my cells performing basic functions?


How can I
detect specific



Flow Webinars Moldule

Flow Cytometry Techniques Covered by Molecular Probes® Scientists

In the Molecular Probes® flow cytometry webinars module, our scientists will guide you through experimental setup, compensation, and data analysis using novel Molecular Probes® technologies.

The webinars are designed to give a basic framework for learning these techniques. They also provide tips and tricks from our experienced technical support scientists and offer guidance for selecting the best products to help you achieve optimal results.

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