Peel-Off & Stick On Your Lab Note-Book or Media Bottles

We know the lab is a busy place and things can happen, sometimes beyond your control. Even the most meticulous of you may find yourselves looking for some information that’s not handy, or a sticky note that had your scribbled notes, now seems to be missing!  Introducing the unique peel off sticker  on Gibco® media, sera and reagents bottles.

Designed to help you easily record information about your media components for better control of your experiments.

  • Handy reference for lot number and expiration date
  • Easy re-ordering (product name and catalog #)
  • Space for a short personal note

The new peel-off sticker is easy to peel-off and stick on your lab note-book next to your experimental data, or on the bottle or flask where you mix your complete media. You should start seeing the new peel-off stickers on your bottle labels in the near future as you order new supplies of media, sera and reagents. Meanwhile, here’s a chance for you to participate in the...


Gibco® Peel-Off Instant Win Game

Enter the numbers from your peel-off label and you could be an instant winner*.

Play the Gibco® instant win game

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