Empty gibco bottle

The media bottle that makes lab work less work

Designed to provide better ergonomic features, ease of use, and reduced chance of contamination. The compact design of the Gibco media bottle allows for easier handling and storage, and also reduced packaging.

The Gibco bottle is now available…empty. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the Gibco bottle whether you are buying liquid Gibco media and reagents or powder ingredients to make your own formulations. The Gibco bottle is sterile-packed and triple-bagged.

The Gibco bottle was developed using anthropological research methods in cell culture laboratories spanning many geographies. Cell culture researchers provided candid input and feedback throughout the process, resulting in a new media bottle that can improve both your laboratory experience and your research results.

  • Angled neck makes pipetting and pouring easier
  • Larger footprint and squared profile improves stability on the bench and under the hood
  • Wider mouth reduces the chance that pipette will touch the sides and contaminate the contents
  • Increased headspace provides more room for addition of supplements
  • Narrower shape is more comfortable for small hands and takes up less storage space

The more you control the variables in your research process, the more you can count on reproducing your results each time.  The Gibco bottle is more comfortable, making repetitive tasks less painful to replicate precisely.  The wider mouth of the Gibco bottle reduces the risk of contamination, which can jeopardize both your research and the work of others in your lab.

Not all media bottles are created equally.  The Gibco bottle was designed to improve the comfort level of researchers who perform cell culture under the hood on a regular basis.  The angle of the neck allows you to adopt a more natural position while pipetting, thereby reducing shoulder strain and the opportunity to develop repetitive strain injuries associated with laboratory work.  The larger cap with more pronounced ridges allows easier one-handed opening and closing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to environmental sustainability and to providing you with the best options to help you make responsible choices when purchasing recyclable products for use within your lab.  The Gibco bottle is made from recyclable PET plastic, the most sought after class of plastic for use in garments, carpets, containers, and many other recycled products.  The cap of the Gibco bottle is HDPE, also a valued recyclable plastic.  


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.