We strive to provide you with innovative products that meet your needs while helping to increase performance and simplify your processes.

Next Generation Products

Expi293™ Expression System
High-Density Mammalian Transient Protein Expression
More protein, less volume, less time

TrypLE™ Express Cell Dissociation Enzyme
An upgrade to trypsin: room temperature-stable, time-saving (no thawing), gentle on cells

Advanced Media

A selection of reduced-serum alternatives: decreased variability in growth conditions, reproducible outcomes

GlutaMAX™ Media and Supplement

A more stable substitute for L-glutamine: minimal build-up of toxic ammonia, improved cell viability and growth

Recovery™ Cell Culture Freezing Medium

Optimized formulation for increased cell viability: faster results and a convenient, fully supplemented formulation

One Shot™ Fetal Bovine Serum

Supplement your media and save time in one shot: ready-to-use, single-use (50 ml) format