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Next Generation Products

Expi293 Expression System
High-Density Mammalian Transient Protein Expression
More protein, less volume, less time

TrypLE Express Cell Dissociation Enzyme
An upgrade to trypsin: room temperature-stable, time-saving (no thawing), gentle on cells

Advanced Media

A selection of reduced-serum alternatives: decreased variability in growth conditions, reproducible outcomes

GlutaMAX Media and Supplement

A more stable substitute for L-glutamine: minimal build-up of toxic ammonia, improved cell viability and growth

Recovery Cell Culture Freezing Medium

Optimized formulation for increased cell viability: faster results and a convenient, fully supplemented formulation

One Shot Fetal Bovine Serum 50 mL bottle

An aliquot-free solution to minimize contamination, save time and reduce waste

BenchStable media
Simplify storage and handling in your lab with media that are stable at room temperature

StemFlex Medium
Robust, feeder-free pluripotent stem cell culture medium designed to support novel applications such as gene editing and single-cell passaging


Cell Culture & Transfection Learning Center
Access cell culture and transfection educational resources for better experiment planning and execution.

Media Formulation Tool
Find the right Gibco media formulation for DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and RPMI-1640 media.

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Cell Culture & Transfection Support Center
Find technical support recommendations for your cell culture and transfection workflows, including tips for experimental setup and in-depth troubleshooting help.

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