Scientific progress is driven by both breakthroughs and failures. We asked fellow scientists how they learn from their observations, connect abstract ideas and persevere through this long, noble, and very human journey. What we heard was amazing.

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Scientific breakthroughs just don't happen, they are made by scientists who keep seeking inspiration not only in the lab but in every aspect of their lives. Learn more

From telescope to microscope

Jordi Petriz

Unlock the mysteries of cancer using CRISPR- Cas9

Olivier Humbert

Solving the protein puzzle

Noah Dephoure

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5 Steps to Science-life Balance

5 Steps to Science-life Balance

5 step workflows to better science-life balance, help you get out of the lab by 5 so you can do the things you love.
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Create more physiologically relevant 3D cell models in 5 steps

Easily build your cardiac disease model in 5 steps

Capture beautiful live-cell images in 5 steps

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When faced with uncertainty, count on our experts to ensure the best workflow for your research goals. Our range of products and services leverage the most recognized life science brands in the industry. We’re here to add some predictability to your unpredictable scientific journey. Learn more

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