Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) utilizes massively parallel sequencing to generate thousands of megabases of sequence information per day, opening doors to new research studies that were once difficult to accomplish in a practical manner. Powered by semiconductor chips, Ion Torrent™ sequencing technology is simpler, faster, and more cost-effective and scalable than other benchtop next-generation sequencing technologies. Experience the speed, scalability, and simplicity of Ion Torrent sequencing.

New Ion AmpliSeq On-Demand panels

Convenient customization to satisfy ever-changing needs when analyzing germline disorders

  • Flexible panel configuration from a catalog of pre-tested, optimized genes
  • Smaller pack sizes that lower upfront cost of custom panels
  • Powerful content selection engine that automates optimal gene selection by disease research area
Popular Ion Torrent products
Key Ion Torrent applications

Targeted sequencing is a rapid and cost-effective alternative to whole genome sequencing. Ion AmpliSeq™ technology transforms this application by enabling researchers to rapidly and simply amplify thousands of targets using just 10 ng of DNA.

Transcriptome sequencing, or RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq), provides fundamental insights into how genomes are organized and regulated. RNA sequencing relies on next-generation sequencing (NGS) methodology and techniques.

Copy number variation (CNV) analysis is a next-generation sequencing method that can be used to analyze chromosomal aberrations like aneuploidy. Next-generation sequencing on the Ion S5™ Systems offer a simple, rapid technique that is designed to reliably deliver easy-to-interpret data.

Cutting-edge Invitrogen™ Ambion™ RNA technology, combined with accessible Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing, enables any lab to see and discover more with small RNA sequencing.

The Ion PGM™ or Ion S5 Systems paired with PathAmp™ FluA reagents and the Pathogen Analyzer Plugin for Torrent Suite Software enables researchers to produce influenza A typing in under a day, with highly accurate sequence data that enable more effective analysis of retrospective influenza research samples.

Exome sequencing is a targeted sequencing approach that interrogates only the disease-causing exonic regions of the genome. We enable flexible, simple and affordable exome sequencing on the Ion Proton™ system.

With its increased throughput, higher accuracy, and longer reads, the Ion S5 Systems can be used for analyzing retrospective samples for specific disease types, surveillance, investigating outbreaks, and determining disease etiology.

Human genetic variation is present in many different forms in the genome, ranging from large, structural, chromosomal changes to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We offer a broad range of products for analysis of genetic variation and genomic profiling.

Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing has revolutionized de novo sequencing for microbial research, providing a simple, low cost system that delivers accurate results in a day.

The Ion PGM or Ion S5 Systems provides rapid, low-cost complete-genome sequence information by using hundreds to thousands of genes for typing research, enabling higher discrimination and more accurate typing of individual strains.


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