Invitrogen Alexa Fluor fluorophore products including reactive Alexa Fluor dyes for covalent labeling and prepared Alexa Fluor conjugates of secondary antibodies, primary antibodies, and other biomolecules. Use these products for immunofluorescence assays, flow cytometry, and cellular imaging applications. Alexa Fluor dye reagents exhibit superior brightness and photostability, outperforming conventional fluorescent reagents across the spectrum.

Our Alexa Fluor conjugates are made with the highest quality antibodies and avidins stringently tested on cell samples to ensure high selectivity and sensitivity. Most of our secondary antibodies have been affinity purified and cross-absorbed against the sera of a number of species to minimize cross-reactivity.

Reactive dyes

The Alexa Fluor dyes are available in several reactive forms for labeling biopolymers and derivatizing low molecular weight molecules. Most are available as an amine-reactive succinimidyl ester, and many are available in thiol-, aldehyde-, and carboxylic acid–reactive forms.

Labeling kits

Choose from a comprehensive selection of innovative, and time-tested labeling kits for proteins and antibodies, cDNA, RNA and DNA that feature water soluble reagents and streamlined protocols for conjugate purification.

Cell structure & tracing

We offer a wide selection of Alexa Fluor dye-labeled molecules for cell structure as well as cellular and neuronal tracing including conjugates of phalloidin, dextrans, biocytins, and hydrazides.

Products for imaging cell structure
Cellular and neuronal tracers

We offer a wide selection of cellular analysis kits using Alexa Fluor conjugates designed for multiple instrument platforms—flow cytometry, microplate readers, fluorescence imaging, HCS and HTS.

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We offer a wide selection of Alexa Fluor dye-labeled conjugates for a broad range of applications. Featuring conjugated lectins, annexin V, and other proteins.

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Our primary antibodies cover over 70% of the proteome, and those needed to detect many key targets in fluorescence imaging applications are available as Alexa Fluor conjugates. Use our antibodies search tool to discover all antibodies for your targets of interest. Then use the search filters to select Alexa Fluor conjugates.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.