A fresh new website — just for you!

Your online home for life sciences products — — has a new look and a new name. is now The site still has the same great life science products you depend on every day, and the same great features, all in one seamless, comprehensive resource.

There are no changes to how you do business with us as your vendor or to our legal entities. Our service and support teams also remain the same. You will begin to see our shipping materials and product packaging with a new look and new logos. Inside you’ll still find the same high-quality products.

We thought you might have some questions, so here are some answers:

Just use your current username and password. All your account options are still there. In fact, any bookmarks you have to pages will be automatically redirected.

The entire portfolio of products available on continues to be available on, including the brands you know and trust: Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Gibco and Ion Torrent. Customers in North America and Europe can still order the same Thermo Scientific molecular biology, protein biology and high-content analysis products that were available on Customers in other parts of the world can see product information for those same Thermo Scientific products and should use the “Learn Where to Buy” link for ordering information. 

No. Our products remain the same reliable ones you’ve come to trust. We’ll be updating the logos on our product packaging over the next few months, but rest assured that our products remain unchanged.

Below is a summary of changes — and what stays the same — as a result of our brand transition.
Rest assured no action is required on your part.

What’s not changing
This brand transition does not change:

  • Our products
  • Our product numbers or SKUs
  • Our manufacturing
  • Our formulations
  • Our legal entities
  • Our online product offerings
  • Our website functionality
  • Your website login
  • Your order process
  • Your purchase orders
  • Your invoice
  • Your pricing
  • Your packing slips
  • Your shipping or delivery times
There is no change to how you do business with us as your vendor, so you can be confident that we will continue serving your life science needs.

Where you’ll see new branding
You will begin to see new logos on:

  • Product packaging
  • Shipping boxes
  • Documentation and literature
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Marketing material and advertising

Your online experience
You will notice two website updates:

  • Fresh look and feel
  • New URL (
Same great products. Same great features. Same login.

For more information
See our FAQs.

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You can also see the former Life Technologies brand product areas.