Patheon Pharma Services

Industry-leading contract development and manufacturing services for every stage of your drug development journey

Bringing medicines to patients requires science, technology, and world-class expertise. It also requires a strategic CDMO partnership—one bonded by key elements like trust, communication, and collaboration.

End-to-end CDMO capabilities that help you move from molecule to medicine to market

Our capabilities

We are dedicated to supporting the needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies with our proven end-to-end CDMO capabilities and technical expertise.

Small molecule

Small molecules have special considerations like solubility and bioavailability. Get support on your development journey with solutions for APIs, oral solids, softgels, and steriles.

Large molecule

Biologics are inherently complex. Transform your drug discovery into a drug substance via a sustainable process that’s designed to scale from preclinical to commercial manufacturing.

Advanced therapies

We have over two decades of cGMP advanced therapy manufacturing experience, and more than 15 facilities worldwide to support the development of your advanced therapy.

Clinical trials

Take advantage of clinical ancillary supplies sourcing and management, label manufacturing, translations, and design, and storage, distribution, and logistics management.

Commercial services

With more than 60 sites across 24 countries, we employ the industry’s best scientists, technicians, and engineers to help ensure the commercialization of your molecule.

Innovative solutions

Our innovative, end-to-end offerings enable industry partners like you to keep pace with the everchanging landscape of drug development and manufacturing.