PeproTech recombinant cytokines and proteins for life science research through clinical development

The need for high-quality biological materials to support cutting-edge disease research and development is constantly growing. Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired PeproTech in 2021 and is now offering their wide portfolio of recombinant proteins under the Gibco brand. Backed by thousands of peer-reviewed publications and decades of expertise, PeproTech recombinant cytokines and proteins help life science, biotech, and pharma companies achieve success in their endeavors to discover new biological insights and develop cutting-edge cell and gene therapies.

Because every step of the production process is expertly managed within, PeproTech recombinant cytokines and growth factors are trusted for quality, consistency, and reliability as well as their ability to support the RUO-to-GMP transition.

Clinical development and bioproduction

The development and production of cellular and gene therapies requires the use of well-characterized ancillary materials produced using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). For biotherapeutics developers looking for a qualified source of recombinant cytokines and growth factors, Gibco PeproGMP recombinant proteins provide high quality and consistency as well as the documentation you need. All PeproTech recombinant cytokines are made in-house to maintain rigorous quality control, which helps you seamlessly convert your cell production process to meet clinical requirements.

PeproGMP cytokines

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Based on human sequences and produced in E. coli, PeproTech GMP cytokines and growth factors are designed and manufactured to meet rigorous standards for producing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) for clinical use.

PeproTech GMP recombinant proteins are manufactured and tested for use as ancillary materials in compliance with ISO 9001quality management systems standard and manufactured in accordance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Chapter <1043> Ancillary Materials for Cell, Gene, and Tissue-Engineered Products.

“We use PeproGMP EGF for ATMP production in clinical trials. Major advantages are good lot-to-lot consistency, a comprehensive CoA for GMP purposes and good product performance.” - Daniela

Please contact our experts to discuss your needs for GMP cytokines. We currently offer:

  • Human Activin A
  • Human BMP-4
  • Human EGF
  • Human FGF-basic
  • Human Flt3-Ligand
  • Human Heregulinbeta-1
  • Human IL-2
  • Human IL-3
  • Human IL-6
  • Human IL-7
  • Human IL-15
  • Human IL-21
  • Human KGF
  • Human LIF
  • Human PDGF-AA
  • Human SCF
  • Human TPO
  • Human VEGF 165

Quality assurance for GMP cytokines

The PeproTech quality management system—from management of raw materials and equipment to facilities maintenance (environmental monitoring), manufacturing processes, internal audits and inspection processes—are in compliance with ISO 9001quality management systems standard and manufactured in accordance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Chapter <1043> Ancillary Materials for Cell, Gene, and Tissue-Engineered Products.

Extensive quality control tests are performed to verify that PeproGMP cytokines meet rigorous standards for purity, identity, safety, activity and consistency.

Identity and purity

N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis
Molecular weight determination by mass spectrometry
Minimum 95% purity by reverse-phase HPLC analysis and/or SDS-PAGE with western blotting

Protein content

UV spectroscopy
SDS-PAGE with western blotting (if applicable)


Residual E.coli DNA testing
Sterility: beginning, middle and end processes
Endotoxin < 0.1 EU/μg (or 0.01 ng/μg of protein)

Biological activity

Specific activity determined by product-specific in vitro bioassay, against reference standard and (when applicable) against WHO standards


Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Cell biology and disease research

When conducting cell culture, signaling pathway research, protein/antibody assays, or animal studies, quality and purity are crucial to achieving reliable results. Scientists rely on PeproTech recombinant cytokines to help them develop and perform cell-based functional assays as well as sophisticated tumor and other disease models in mice.

Recombinant cytokines, chemokines, and other RUO proteins

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PeproTech research-grade proteins comprise not only cytokines but recombinant growth factors, chemokines, neurotrophins, proteases, other enzymes, ligands, and receptors. Well-characterized growth factors are key components in development of organoids as in vitro disease models.

Most PeproTech recombinant proteins are based on native sequences from human, mouse, and rat, and are produced in bacterial, mammalian, or insect cells. Many PeproTech E. coli–produced proteins are animal origin–free as they are made without using animal-derived cell culture components or purification resins.

The PeproTech product line includes RUO recombinant cytokines important for research in:

  • Stem cells
  • 3D cell culture models
  • Cancer cell biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Immunology
  • Cardiovascular

With the addition of PeproTech proteins to the portfolio, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an even wider variety of recombinant proteins that serve many applications and research areas.

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Quality assurance for RUO recombinant cytokines

PeproTech RUO recombinant cytokines and other proteins are subject to a rigorous set of quality control standards. Our Quality Assurance department verifies that every product passes a prescribed set of quality control tests.


Verified by N-terminal sequence analysis, SDS-PAGE and, where possible, by RP-HPLC, mass spectrometry, and western blot analyses versus standards.

Biological activity

Determined in a relevant in vitro and/or in vivo bioassay.

Endotoxin contamination

Tested by kinetic LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) method to ensure the lowest possible endotoxin levels (<1.0 EU/μg).

Protein content

Verified by UV spectroscopy, SDS-PAGE and, where possible, by RP-HPLC.


Verified by SDS-PAGE and, where possible, by RP-HPLC. Minimum purity 95% by SDS-PAGE.


All products are sterile filtered through a 0.2-micron filter.

PeproTech animal-free cytokines and growth factors

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When developing in vitro organoid or in vivo disease models, it is important to reduce the likelihood that a hidden xenobiotic agent of mammalian origin will contaminate the model and influence the results. Animal origin–free cytokines and growth factors are popular for this reason.

We go a step further to minimize potential risks that can arise from trace amounts of animal-derived components. PeproTech animal-free cytokines and growth factors are produced within an animal-free bioprocessing lab using chemically defined, animal-free components under animal-free conditions.

Produced in E. coli, HEK293, or CHO cells, PeproTech animal-free cytokines and growth factors maintain favorably high activity and purity compared to corresponding proteins produced using standard bioproduction techniques. Therefore, life science researchers choose PeproTech animal-free recombinant cytokines to develop and maintain cellular and animal disease models.

Quality assurance for animal-free cytokines

PeproTech animal-free recombinant cytokines and growth factors are subject to the same rigorous standards for identity, purity, protein content, and sterility as those for research-grade proteins. In addition, they are verified to:

  • Exhibit comparable biological activity compared to their RUO counterparts
  • Have endotoxin levels <0.1 EU/ug

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