Lipofectamine family of products provide a range of specialized transfection reagents that effectively deliver plasmid DNA, siRNA or duplex RNAi, oligonucleotides, and RNA into eukaryotic cells for a variety of research and drug discovery applications.

POROS Chromatography resins are today’s best-performing chromatographic media for process-scale bioseparations. These rigid, robust particles enable high resolution separations combined with high capacity and excellent chemical stability

Combine the revolutionary fluorescence performance with a highly customizable surface for directing the bioactivity of Qdot nanocrystals to a wide range of molecules of interest.
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TRIzol® Products

TRIzol® is the most trusted reagent for preparing high quality, intact RNA from any biological material and is exclusively available from Invitrogen.
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ChargeSwitch nucleic acid purification technology is the simplest, cleanest, and most effective means of purifying both DNA and RNA and can be configured in a range of product formats including simple manual purification methods as well as high throughput automated applications.
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Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity is an enzyme mixture composed of recombinant Taq DNA polymerase, Pyrococcus species GB-D thermostable polymerase, and Platinum Taq Antibody.
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Get a successful PCR reaction the first time with AccuPrime enzymes and primers from Invitrogen. Put an end to waste: no more rework or optimization and repeat reactions.
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