Sequencing right here, right now

Avoid long waits and reagent penalties with Pay-Per-Lane Sequencing on the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems

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Figure 1: Multiple applications on a single FlowChip with different read lengths and chemistries.
  • Maximize your budget with the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems’ FlowChip—six independently addressable and configurable lanes built for independent reagent consumption.
  • Samples sequenced when you need them—no down time while you wait for enough samples to fill a run, no costly reagent penalty for unused lanes.
  • Run genome, exome, transcriptome, and many more experiments in parallel within the same run—simultaneously accommodate multiple sequencing applications that can differ in read length and run type.

The 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems maximize efficiency and productivity like never before with Pay-Per-Lane Sequencing, (PPL-Seq). It is the only next-generation sequencing platform enabling you to run just one, a few, or all lanes while paying only for the reagents used for those active lanes. With unmatched flexibility to address the dynamic needs of your projects most economically, you are freed from the unnecessary reagent costs of restricting a single read length and run type across all lanes.

When your research calls for running genome, exome, transcriptome, and other experiments all at the same time, you have the power to meet those diverse research demands simultaneously and cost-effectively with the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems