1. Pay-per-lane (PPL) sequencing—Whether you choose two FlowChips with the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer or one FlowChip with the 5500 Genetic Analyzer, each FlowChip has six independently addressable and configurable lanes that allow you to sequence your research samples when you need to. You can run one lane, a few lanes, or all lanes without the costly reagent penalty for unused lanes.
  2. Application-per-lane sequencing—Whether your research calls for exome, transcriptome, or genome sequencing, you have the power to meet those diverse research demands simultaneously by defining read length and application by lane rather than by run. There is no need to wait until you gather enough samples of the same application type before starting a run.
  3. Up to 99.99% accuracy with Exact Call Chemistry (ECC) and basespace data—The superior accuracy of two-base encoding is further enhanced with the new ECC Module, which provides an orthogonal proofreading step that uses a different set of probes to interrogate the same sequence again. For each lane, you can choose to run 2BE or 2BE plus ECC, which means bases are read three times with only minimal additional cost. Furthermore, with the ECC module, you can choose to generate data in basespace and bypass reference-based alignment.
  4. Integrated with LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions—A complete tool from software to hardware, LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions enable fast translation of NGS data to biologically meaningful results for every life scientist. It is designed to match the revolutionary accuracy of the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzer Systems with ECC, and streamlines research with intuitive data management.
  5. Faster run times—The 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers are equipped with a fast filter wheel, enabling four-color interrogation of a single panel, saving focus and stage movement time. The new fluidics results in fast (3x) and accurate volume delivery, liquid level sensing, and low dead volume (50–100 times less). Combined, these features translate to faster run times.
  6. Longer read lengths—You can choose to perform fragment sequencing of up to 75 bp, paired-end sequencing of up to 75 x 35 bp, and mate-paired sequencing of up to 60 x 60 bp.
  7. Reagent deck redesigned for the operator—The reagent deck is designed with unique shapes, colors, and numbers for all bottles and tubes so there is no risk of making a mistake when loading your reagents. A built-in reagent liquid level sensor notifies the operator when reagents need to be replaced.
  8. Simple monitoring and troubleshooting with embedded sequencing control—In-lane embedded sequencing control provides quality control at multiple check points in process and real-time monitoring to detect and disable poor samples to save on reagents and time. Instrument control software uses the embedded sequencing control to provide quality feedback at pre-run, post first-cycle, in-run, and post-run points.
  9. Redesigned, easy-to-use Instrument Control Software—ICS is equipped with an all-new intuitive user interface, easy-to-read progress reports, and graphical QC reports with clear metrics.
  10. Designed to minimize environmental impact—The 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers separate the truly hazardous waste from the nonhazardous waste, reducing the amount of waste classified as hazardous by as much as 38%. All bottles and strip tubes are recyclable and clearly marked with either a (2) or a (5) recycling symbol. All product documentation, including user manuals, quick start guides, and product inserts are delivered on an Apple iPad® device. (We like trees.)