Dynabeads Types and Uses

Applied Biosystems Dynabeads and Invitrogen Dynabeads come in several sizes and with different surface functionalities, for use in a wide variety of applications. Some beads are pre-coupled with a biomolecule (ligand). The ligand can be an antibody, protein or antigen, DNA/RNA probe, or any other molecule with an affinity for the desired target. Ready-to-use Dynabeads products and kits are available for many applications. For assays that require flexibility, a range of Dynabeads products with specific characteristics are available.

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Effective Dynabeads separations using a simple protocol

Dynabeads offer various surface functionalities to fit your application.

The Dynabeads magnetic separation protocol consists of three simple steps:


When added to a sample, Dynabeads bind to the desired target (cells, pathogenic microorganisms, nucleic acids, peptide, protein, or protein complex etc). This interaction relies on the specific affinity of the ligand on the surface of the beads (Figure 1).


The beads respond to a magnetic field, allowing bound material to be rapidly and efficiently separated from the rest of the sample. Unbound material is simply removed by aspiration, and the bead-bound target washed by the use of the magnet.


The bead-bound target is released in a suitable volume for use in downstream applications. Alternatively, the bead-bound target can be used directly while still attached to the beads.

No centrifugation or columns are required. The Dynabeads magnetic separation protocol is scalable and easily adapted to automated handling systems.

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