Genomic and gene expression analysis tools – Dynabeads

Gene Expression Analysis

Looking for a way to simplify and improve traditional genome and gene expression analysis methods? Dynabeads magnetic beads serve as an irresistibly easy-to-use magnetic solid-support. As the reactions can be performed in very small volumes, you only need a small starting sample for your analysis.

Dynabead applications for genome analysis

Applications include: Differential display, 5’RACE, S1 nuclease mapping, DNase footprinting, purification of RNA/DNA binding proteins, and subtractive hybridization for isolation of tumor specific alterations and identification of toxin genes in pathogens.

Streptavidin-Coupled Dynabeads or Dynabeads Oligo (dT)25 (Cat. Nos. 61002, 61005) are used in many gene expression profiling methods, e.g. based on representational cloning and sequencing of cDNAs from libraries. Double stranded DNA sequences longer than 2 kb are effectively immobilized with the Dynabeads kilobaseBINDER Kit.

Streptavidin-coupled Dynabeads magnetic beads used in a RTPCR/ECL assay provide a practical and sensitive approach for detection of various metastatic cancers in tissues and blood. The beads have also been cited in numerous published articles on the SAGE® technology and in a related method published by S. Brenner et al.

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The Dynabeads Streptavidin Trial Kit gives you the chance to try 4 different stretpatvidin products that are ideal for genome analysis.

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Why choose Streptavidin-coupled dynabeads for gene expression or genome analysis?

  • Rapid and convenient magnetic solid-phase handling
  • Fast reaction kinetics
  • Less non-specific binding and more thorough washing
  • Isolate pure and homogeneous transcription factors in 30 minutes
  • Well suited for protein isolation
  • Enrich DNA and RNA binding proteins up to 20,000 fold
  • DNA coupled to Dynabeads® via the streptavidin-biotin association can be re-used at least ten times
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References using dynabeads for genome analysis

Reverse transcription PCR

DNA/RNA binding protein isolation

Solid-phase DNase footprinting

Solid-phase S1 nuclease mapping

Subtractive hybridization

Differential display






Double stranded DNA fragments > 2 kB

S1 nuclease mapping


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.