With thousands of references and citations, the SuperScript® family of reverse transcriptases has proven to be a first choice for cDNA synthesis. SuperScript® reverse transcriptases are designed to reliably and efficiently deliver high yields of full-length cDNA. If you need maximum sensitivity for real-time RT-PCR and microarray experiments and cDNA that represents input RNA with maximum fidelity, you need SuperScript® reverse transcriptase.

Which SuperScript® product is right for you?

Effective & versatile RT for wide range of RNA templates Most effective RT for all RNA, including difficult templates Most effective cDNA synthesis kit for all RNA templates Maximal performance & convenience for real-time PCR
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  SuperScript® III
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SuperScript® IV
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SuperScript(R) IV First Strand Synthesis System
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SuperScript® VILO Master Mix
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Format Stand-alone enzyme Stand-alone enzyme cDNA synthesis kit cDNA synthesis kit
Optimal reaction temperature 50°C 50–55°C 50–55°C 42°C
Speed 50 min 10 min 10 min 50 min
Sensitivity Good High High High
cDNA yield High Superior Superior High
Resistance to reaction inhibitors Good High High Good
Protocol Download protocol Download protocol Download protocol Download protocol

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