The Thermo Scientific™ molecular biology portfolio represents a complete range of innovative high-quality reagents, instruments, and plastic consumables to help accelerate your research.

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Featured Thermo Scientific molecular biology categories


The Thermo Scientific PCR portfolio has everything you need for a successful PCR run: DNA polymerases, PCR instruments, and reaction vessels.

Molecular Cloning

PCR cloning kits, bacterial expression, and ligase-independent cloning kits, enzymes and DNA vectors for efficient molecular cloning.

Plastics Consumables

Plates, tubes, strips, sealing options, and storage plates for PCR and related applications.

Reverse Transcription

Reverse transcriptases, first strand cDNA synthesis kits, and optimized kits for both RT-PCR and RT-qPCR.

Specialized Molecular Biology Applications

Tools for different molecular biology applications, epigenetics, in vitro transcription, molecular labeling, mutagenesis, and genotyping.


The Thermo Scientific qPCR portfolio has everything you need for a successful qPCR run: probe and SYBR®-based master mixes, qPCR instruments, and reaction vessels.

Restriction & Modifying Enzymes

Enzymes for DNA/RNA modification and restriction digestion. FastDigest and conventional restriction endonucleases, DNA/RNA polymerases, T4 DNA ligase.


Efficiently deliver plasmid DNA into cells using transfection reagents optimized for your specific application.

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis, Purification, & Synthesis

DNA and RNA purification kits, RNA and DNA ladders, protein electrophoresis, electrophoresis buffers, and loading dyes.


Molecular Biology Resource Library

Webinars, videos, articles, and selection guides

Molecular Biology Web Tools

Tools for primer analysis, reaction setup, biochemical conversions, and calculators