Molecular Biology

Thermo Scientific molecular biology products include innovative high-quality reagents and plastic consumables designed to deliver reproducibility and performance for every step of your molecular biology workflow. We offer reliable solutions for your molecular biology applications, including these well-known products from Thermo Scientific: FastDigest Restriction Enzymes, GeneRuler DNA Ladders, Maxima Reverse Transcriptases, and Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases.

Popular Thermo Scientific molecular biology products

Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

FastDigest restriction enzymes

Maxima Reverse Transcriptases

PCR Plastic Consumables

PCR Plastic Consumables

GeneRuler DNA Ladders

GeneRuler DNA Ladders

DreamTaq Polymerases

DreamTaq Polymerases

Featured Thermo Scientific molecular biology categories


Restriction enzymes, PCR cloning kits, DNA/RNA polymerases, phosphatases, and ligases simplify cloning.


PCR enzymes, buffers, reagents, and plastic consumables supporting any application.

Direct PCR

Solutions for amplification without DNA purification that simplify PCR workflow.

Reverse Transcription

Reverse transcriptases and first-strand cDNA synthesis kits offering routine or enhanced performance.


Nucleic acid electrophoresis products including DNA and RNA ladders, buffers, loading dyes, and agarose.

DNA and RNA Isolation

Optimized solutions for high yield isolation of pure RNA and DNA from a variety of biological sources.


Molecular Biology Resource Library

Webinars, videos, articles, and selection guides

Molecular Biology Web Tools

Tools for primer analysis, reaction setup, biochemical conversions, and calculators