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Level up, and save 35% on PCR essentials

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Offer expires June 30, 2019.

GeneJET Purification Kits

Offer short and simple nucleic acid isolation protocols. Learn more

Maxima H Minus Reverse Transcriptases

Provide fast and robust cDNA synthesis across a range of RNA inputs (1 pg to 2.5 µg). Learn more

Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

Highly cited and available in many specialized formats, including Phusion U DNA Polymerase for amplification of uracil-containing templates. Learn more

DreamTaq PCR Master Mixes

Formulated for minimal optimization, options include hot start for high specificity and green master mixes to minimize pipetting errors. Learn more

Direct PCR Master Mixes

For faster PCR genotyping from unpurified animal, plant, and blood samples. Learn more

PCR and qPCR Plastics

Designed, manufactured, and tested to enable optimal PCR and qPCR performance. Learn more


High purity (>99%) dNTPs extensively tested and verified in molecular biology applications. Learn more

TopVision Agarose Tablets

Fast-dissolving agarose tablets eliminate messy weighing steps. Learn more

Gene Ruler DNA ladders

Sharp bands, ready-to-use formats, and room temperature stability deliver convenience for DNA electrophoresis. Learn more

PCR resources

Thermo Scientific PCR products
Learn more about Thermo Scientific PCR essentials offered in Marketplace and other products across the workflow.

Tm calculator
Annealing temperature rules for Phusion DNA Polymerases and Direct PCR Master Mixes are different from many common DNA polymerases (such as Taq DNA polymerases). For optimal results use the Tm calculator on the Thermo Fisher Scientific website.

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