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How well do you know molecular biology? We now have puzzles and games available for you to test yourself. Team up with your friends to solve the puzzle, or better yet, compete to determine who has more knowledge in molecular biology. Check out the fun puzzles below.

We are the CHAMPIONS puzzle

Champion of the lanes

Champion of the lanes

Fill the letters on the line to solve the puzzle. Figure out the words represented by the pictures, and add or subtract letters as indicated to discover scientific terms, phrases, and the names of Thermo Scientific molecular biology products that can help you win the race to results. Click on “Clue” if you need additional help.

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PCR cloning challenge

Use the clues given; fill in the crossword puzzle below. There are spaces in answers that include two words. Jumble the letters from the circles to reveal the word for a cloning essential. 

Find out if you are a PCR cloning whiz. See the results to the Marketplace challenge.

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