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Plastics Are All Plastic PCR Tubes Created Equal?
Everything you need to know about delivering exceptional results with quality PCR Tubes
Synthetic biology Solving real-world problems with synthetic DNA
Synthetic biology allows exceptional flexibility to engineer proteins for solving complex problems
PCRTechniques Supporting Exosome Research and Applications
Impacting diagnostic and therapeutic research with molecular biology fundamentals
PCRA Common Support between Various Omes in Multi-omics Research
Molecular Biology is fundamental to the multi-omics approaches and trending applications
PCRSingle-Cell Analysis—Uncovering Diversity and Granularity in Molecular Biology
Sensitive methods strengthen single-cell strategy and study of heterogeneity in cell population
Synthetic BiologyGeneOptimizer: Accelerating Discovery
Helping labs to maximize protein yields, mRNA expression, and therapeutic protein production
Nucleic acid electrophoresisBetter Late Than Never, but Never Late is Better: Enabling Molecular Biology Research with Facilitated Workflows
Learn how leveraging precast agrose gels maximize time and cost savings overtime compared to traditional pour your own gel methods.
Nucleic acid electrophoresisThe E-Gel Power Snap Plus Electrophoresis System
Time-savings solution for high-throughput labs with SYBR Safe precast gels
PCRDisease Detection and Genomics Research in Agriculture 
Increase plant and animal productivity using digital tools with limited water and land
Restriction and modifyingPowerful Applications for RNA and DNA Modifying Enzymes
Basic tools critical to advance biological discovery, diagnostic, and therapeutic research
PlasticsIdentifying a Reliable Laboratory Plastics Partner 
PCR and qPCR plastics quality is critical to consistent and reproducible results
PCRUnderstanding Molecular Biology’s Most Unsung Reagents 
Vital role of dNTPs makes the ability to amplify, modify and fabricate DNA possible.
Isothermal amplificationLyophilization Enables Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Fast, more accessible raw materials for diagnostic test development 
PCRPersonalize Skincare: Genomics and In Vitro Testing are Changing the Beauty Industry 
Review of rising industry trends and the importance of the modern assays and technologies behind them
Reverse transcriptionOvercoming hurdles in cDNA synthesis
Three ways to boost reverse transcriptase enzyme performance
PlasticsqPCR Plates Selection Guide
Four key questions to consider when picking the right qPCR and PCR Plates
PCROvercoming Obesity with Adipocyte Research in Yucatan, Mexico
Your trade-in instrument can find a second home to help support life-changing research
PlasticsHigh-Throughput qPCR Plastics
Four overlooked essential tips to help maximize the workflow success
PCRBest Oligonucleotide Purification Methods
From basic genetics and genomics R&D to diagnostics and biotherapeutics
Molecular cloningOptimize Your DNA Ligation
Seven must-have tips to help attain successful ligation reactions
Molecular cloningThree Ways Gibson Assembly Strengthens CRISPR Workflows
Learn how Gibson Assembly is streamlining the use of CRISPR in several applications
PlasticsComplete Practical Guide to PCR Plate Sealing
Everything you need to know to help you pick the right seal and finish experiment strong
Restriction and modificationScarless cloning of larger DNA sequences with Type IIS Restriction Enzymes
FastDigest Type IIS Restriction Enzymes are powerful tools to enable seamless cloning
Molecular cloningDeconvoluting Viral Biology and Anti-Viral Drug Discovery with Bioassays
Quickly recreate aspects of real-world infection in a controlled environment
Molecular cloningViral RNA and Protein Expression
Methods to clone and express viral genes
Reverse transcriptionViral Infection Through Host Genetics Lens
Overview of how hosts respond to viral infection
PCRViral Surveillance and Life Cycle Research: The Essential Work Empowering Public Health
Learn about strategies for viral surveillance and viral life cycle studies
PCRThermal cyclers and the woes of non-linear optimization
Learn more about the benefits of VeriFlex technology in thermal cyclers to enable optimizing PCR reactions
Reverse transcription
The Pivotal Role of Reverse Transcriptase in Infectious Disease Surveillance
Accurate RNA virus variant detection is critical to help the emerging mutation trend
Reverse transcription
Importance of Robust Reverse Transcriptase in Wastewater-Based Epidemiology
Reliable RNA biomarker detects virus monitoring effectively
Reverse transcriptionUnderstanding the Molecular Evolution of a Reverse Transcriptase
Directed evolution can help build a better reverse transcriptase
Isothermal amplificationThe long and short of isothermal amplification
Learn the advantages of LAMP and WGA
Isothermal amplificationFacilitating isothermal amplification-based point of care diagnostics by improved reagents by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Explore how the new Bst polymerase for loop-mediated isothermal amplification as a viable alternative to point-of-care testing development
PCREquipping Research that Helps Cultivate Healthy Crops in West Africa
"Planting the seeds" for hardy, healthy foods
PCRMicrobial Bioremediation of Soil Contamination in Namibia
Donate and be an instrument of change
PCRThree questions to ask when choosing a PCR enzyme
Consider high-fidelity enzymes for accuracy, high-processivity enzymes for long templates, and hot-start enzymes for specificity
PCRGenotype them gently
Direct PCR master mixes for animal-friendly genotyping
PCRHow is hot-start technology beneficial for your PCR?
Hot-start technology and benefits for excellent PCR
PCRPCR infographic
Infographic on the polymerase chain reaction
PCRBasic principles of qRT-PCR
Build a strong foundation
PCRPerfect for fast and robust routine PCR
Phire Hot Start II DNA polymerase
PCRThe power of two
Fusion DNA polymerases.
PCROptimizing Tm and annealing
Using the Tm calculator
PlasticsUltimate high-performance PCR consumables
Armadillo PCR plates
Molecular cloningChecking your T4 DNA ligase activity
Two easy-to-do control experiments
PCRThe history of PCR
The evolution of DNA polymerases
Molecular cloningMolecular cloning infographic
Fun facts on molecular cloning
Molecular cloningThermo Scientific cloning workflow
Choose the right tools
Molecular cloningFive screening methods every scientist should know
Verify that your gene of interest was successfully cloned
Molecular cloningFive cloning shortcuts from Thermo Scientific
Streamline your workflow with these cloning tools
Molecular cloningA T7 mission for high yields of RNA transcripts
TranscriptAid T7 high yield transcription kit
Nucleic acid electrophoresisForget the powder!
TopVision agarose tablets
Nucleic acid electrophoresisEight Tips on How to Improve Gel Electrophoresis Results
Improve your electrophoresis results
Nucleic acid electrophoresisAmbient shipping–decrease packaging waste
Thermo Scientific DNA ladders
Restriction and modifying176 restriction enzymes, 1 buffer
FastDigest restriction enzymes
Restriction and modifyingSeven common issues with restriction digestion reactions and how to avoid them
Molecular cloningDNA Cloning Tips—Build clones with DNA fragments using Gibson Assembly
Helpful guidelines for building a single cloning construct
PCRSix Critical Factors to Help You Choose The Right Thermal Cycler
Not all thermal cyclers are created the same
PCRHow to Simplify PCR Optimization Steps for Primer Annealing
Introducing a universal annealing temperature for primers
PCRQuick Mouse Genotyping—Six PCR Tips
How to complete sample to gel results in less than an hour
PCRUsing Oligos in Research
Learn about oligos, available modification categories, and ordering options
PCROligo Design and Ordering Tips
Walk through basic tips and tricks to help design and order oligos
RT-PCROvercome Four Sample Challenges During RT-PCR
Address common challenges in RT-PCR with these recommended solutions
RT-PCRDifference Between One-Step and Two-Step RT-PCR
Which RT-PCR approach is right for your experiment?

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