DNA Ladders

The advantage of being “green” at the workplace is that it may benefit us all. However, working in the lab can make it difficult to be environmentally friendly. While eliminating waste in molecular biology experiments may not be possible or practical, you can substantially decrease packaging and shipping materials at different stages of the molecular biology workflow. 

Now you can help minimize waste while maintaining the same great results in your nucleic acid electrophoresis experiments. Testing has shown that product quality and long-term stability are unaffected by ambient shipping of Thermo Scientific DNA ladders. Go ambient today and:

Minimize waste

  • Smaller shipping boxes = less cardboard
  • No refrigerant for transport = no cold gel packs or dry ice to dispose of
  • Fewer expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers

Take advantage of great options

Application Product*
Broad-range ladders Thermo Scientific GeneRuler 1 kb and 100 bp DNA ladders
Analyze very small or large DNA fragments Thermo Scientific GeneRuler low and high range DNA ladders
Precise sizing of DNA enabled by step ladder with exact repeats of a DNA fragment Thermo Scientific O’Range Ruler DNA ladders
Ready-to-use ladders designed to visualize small fragments in agarose gels without masking by tracking dyes Thermo Scientific O’GeneRuler DNA ladders
Robust ladders that can be run at high voltages or with reused running buffers and agarose gels Thermo Scientific GeneRuler and O’GeneRuler Express DNA ladders
Accurately quantify DNA on a gel Thermo Scientific MassRuler DNA ladders
Conventional markers for sizing and approximate quantitation of DNA fragments Lambda, phage, and plasmid DNA markers
High-throughput applications Thermo Scientific FastRuler DNA ladders
*For long-term stability, please continue to store your DNA ladders at -20°C after you receive them.