Thermo Scientific Armadillo PCR Plates

Thermo Scientific Armadillo PCR Plates

Most standard PCR plates are made of polypropylene, a nonrigid plastic polymer that allows for efficient heat transfer to the reaction mixture. While propylene-based plates perform well in most standard PCR applications, they tend to warp or bend in automated high-throughput PCR workflows due to extensive heating and gripping by robots. Plate warping can impede automated processes and interfere with collection of downstream data. Therefore, plates with higher rigidity and heat resistance are strongly recommended for automated PCR workflows.

Thermo Scientific Armadillo PCR plates combine polypropylene wells in a polycarbonate frame. While the thin-walled polypropylene wells allow for optimal heat transfer to the reaction mixture, the polycarbonate frame helps to ensure rigidity and prevent warping. In addition to rigidity, Armadillo plates have numerous other features favorable in automated workflows, including a highly polished, optically clear skirt for better stacking and visual calibration, alphanumeric lettering, raised rim well design for tight plate sealing, and standard or custom barcoding options for easy plate tracking. Multiple 96-well and 384-well plate formats with standard footprints are available for broad instrument compatibility, including skirted and semi-skirted standard or low-profile formats. All Armadillo plates are available in a variety of frame colors with either clear wells for PCR or white wells to enable superior qPCR results.

See the Armadillo anatomy (Figure 1) to learn more about beneficial features of Armadillo PCR plates. Rely on Armadillo plates to help ensure trustworthy results in automated PCR or qPCR workflows!

Armadillo plate anatomy

Figure 1. Armadillo plate anatomy: key design features of the Armadillo high-performance PCR plates.

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