stylized illustration representing restriction digestion

Restriction digestion with fewer reagents in less time

It's cloning time—you want to excise your insert from a vector with two different enzymes. Looking at the old enzyme poster on the fridge you notice that they don't work in the same buffer. Great! Add an extra hour to your schedule for back to back digestions. Wouldn't it be easier to just have one buffer for all your enzymes? Well it's a good thing we have a single buffer that works on all 176 Thermo Scientific FastDigest restriction enzymes!

Try our FastDigest enzymes today and experience:

  • 100% activity in a universal buffer that is even compatible with our Thermo Scientific modifying enzymes
  • Complete digestions in 5-15 minutes
  • No star activity*
  • Direct sample loading on gels with FastDigest Green Buffer – no extra loading buffer necessary
  • Tested protocols and recommendations for digestion of plasmid DNA, PCR products, and genomic DNA

So, no more panicking for double digestions. With FastDigest you get the pleasure of one buffer for all your enzymes and much more time for other experiments.

*In most cases, star activity is the result of long incubation times or too much enzyme in the reaction. Our short, 5-15 minute, incubation times and recommended enzyme amount alleviates this problem.