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Get your gels going faster and care for the environment

We have all been there: you're in a hurry, the PCR run has been done for an hour, you've been doing three other things in parallel, and now it is finally time to see the results on a gel, but you still need to prepare the agarose. All you have is a huge jar of agarose powder, an old crooked spatula, and before you know it you're spilling agarose powder all over the balance. Imagine, how much easier it would be if you had an agarose tablet that you could just add to your running buffer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces TopVision Agarose Tablets—That's right, there's no messy weighing required anymore. With the fast dissolving protocol you will save time, and since the same amount of agarose is used for every gel there is a much higher consistency for your manually casted gels and results can be compared side by side. The manufacturing process has a significantly reduced environmental impact, using an innovative organic solvent-free technology and together with the blister packaging we are saving a lot of precious resources. Forget about agarose powder and switch to TopVision Agarose Tablets today!

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