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The Thermo Scientific™ molecular biology portfolio represents a wide range of innovative high-quality reagents, instruments, and plastic consumables to help accelerate your research.

Phusion™ DNA Polymerases

Phusion DNA Polymerases have proven to be the first choice for several demanding PCR applications, including the creation of the first functional synthetic genome.

TurboFect™ Transfection Reagents

A novel formulation for efficient in vitro and in vivo delivery of plasmid DNA to cultured cells with low cytotoxicity.

Maxima™ Reverse Transcriptases

Thermo Scientific Maxima Reverse Transcriptases are developed through molecular evolution to help maximize performance in cDNA synthesis.

DreamTaq™ DNA Polymerases

Available in both hot-start and standard formats, the Thermo Scientific DreamTaq DNA Polymerase is an enhanced Taq DNA polymerase optimized for all standard PCR applications.

Luminaris™ qPCR Master Mixes

An advanced line of high performance qPCR master mixes with built-in multilevel control system for more accurate, sensitive, and specific real-time PCR results.

Phire™ Hot Start II DNA Polymerase

Hot start PCR with improved speed, yields, and amplicons length.

aLICator™ LIC Cloning & Expression System

The Thermo Scientific aLICator LIC Cloning and Expression System is designed for fast and efficient LIC cloning and subsequent tight regulation of gene expression in E. coli.


Molecular Biology Resource Library

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Molecular Biology Web Tools

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