When you need your gel results even faster, our GeneRuler Express DNA ladder is ready to withstand higher voltages, suboptimal gel percentages, and re-used running buffers. If you're looking for a broad-range, high-density DNA ladder for DNA mapping, the ZipRuler Express DNA ladder is supplied split in two ladders that are run in two neighboring gel lanes to separate faster and to provide plenty of information for accurate DNA sizing. Finally if you need a robust ladder that is also useful for providing DNA quantification, choose one of our MassRuler Express ladders.


  • Designed for faster separation
  • Formulated to withstand variation in electrophoresis conditions
  • Sharp bands, bright reference bands
  • Ready-to-use ladders stable for 6 months at room temperature
  • Supplied with loading dye for sample DNA

ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder Set

The Thermo Scientific ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder Set contains two ladders: ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 1 and ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 2. Both are mixtures of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments. ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 1 is premixed with the 6X Orange DNA Loading Dye (orange G and xylene cyanol), and ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 2 is premixed with the 6X MassRuler DNA Loading Dye (bromophenol blue).

The set is designed for fast and accurate sizing of a broad range of DNA fragments and is compatible with various electrophoresis conditions. For fast separation, the two ladders are loaded into two different wells of the same gel. For longer runs, equal amounts of both ladders are loaded into the same gel well.

Also see standard-formulation GeneRuler Ladders and MassRuler Ladders ›

Express DNA Ladders selection guide

Range, bpNameQuantityCatalog #
100–5,000GeneRuler Express DNA Ladder50 µgSM1551
5 x 50 µgSM1552
GeneRuler Express DNA Ladder, ready-to-use50 µgSM1553
100–20,000ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder Set, ready-to-use2 x 50 µgSM1373
100–1,000MassRuler Express LR Forward DNA Ladder, ready-to-use2 x 500 µLSM1263
100–10,000MassRuler Express Forward DNA Ladder Mix, ready-to-use2 x 500 µLSM1283

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.