The Thermo Scientific™ conventional DNA markers are traditional molecular weight standards used for sizing and approximate quantification of linear double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose and non-denaturing polyacrylamide gels. The markers are composed of lambda, phage, or plasmid DNA digested to completion with the appropriate restriction enzyme(s), purified and dissolved in storage buffer. The DNA fragments contain blunt or sticky ends depending on the restriction enzyme used for the marker’s preparation.


  • Sizing and approximate quantification of DNA fragments
  • Sharp bands
  • Ready-to-use versions are premixed with 6X DNA Loading Dye
  • Supplied with loading dye for sample DNA

multi-panel gel images of conventional DNA markers

Lambda, Phage & Plasmid DNA Markers selection guide

Range, bpDNA marker, marker #QuantityCatalog #
3,530–21,226Lambda DNA/EcoRI Marker, 15 x 50 µgSM0281
125–23,130Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker, 25 x 50 µg
25 x 50 µgSM0102
Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker, 2, ready-to-use5 x 50 µgSM0103
125–21,226Lambda DNA/EcoRI+HindIII Marker, 35 x 50 µg
25 x 50 µgSM0192
Lambda DNA/EcoRI+HindIII Marker, 3, ready-to-use5 x 50 µgSM0193
8–587pBR322 DNA/BsuRI (HaeIII) Marker, 550 µgSM0271
72–1,353ΦX174 DNA /BsuRI (HaeIII) Marker, 950 µg
5 x 50 µgSM0252
ΦX174 DNA /BsuRI (HaeIII) Marker, 9, ready-to-use50 µgSM0253
26–501pUC19 DNA/MspI (HpaII) Marker, 2350 µg
5 x 50 µgSM0222
pUC19 DNA/MspI (HpaII) Marker, 23, ready-to-use50 µgSM0223

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.