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MagJET DNA and RNA Purification Kits

Nucleic acid isolation is one of the most fundamental steps in molecular biology applications and is a prerequisite for many experiments. MagJET nucleic acid purification kits utilize magnetic bead–based technology, allowing for highly efficient nucleic acid isolation from a variety of samples at any throughput. MagJET kits provide high-purity DNA and RNA ready to use in routine and demanding downstream applications.

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Features & benefits of MagJET Magnetic Bead-Based Purification

MagJET magnetic bead-based technology utilizes proprietary high capacity paramagnetic particles optimized to isolate nucleic acids with superior purity and yields compared to other kits on the market. Due to large total surface area, MagJET magnetic beads exhibit high binding capacity, resulting in superior nucleic acid yields and recovery rates typically exceeding 80%. Uniform bead size and shape ensure robust performance and consistent results with less sample-to-sample variation. MagJET magnetic beads are highly stable in solution and respond rapidly to an applied magnetic field making MagJET nucleic acid purification kits an ideal choice for high-throughput automation.

infographic about MagJET magnetic beads


  • High binding capacity
  • Fast magnetic response
  • Uniform size and shape
  • Ideal for automation
  • High recovery (>80%)
  • Proprietary technology

MagJET nucleic acid isolation technology is suitable both for high-throughput automated and manual sample processing.

workflow illustration showing automated and manual workflows

(A) The automation protocols are optimized for Thermo Scientific Kingfisher instruments where magnetic beads are transferred from well to well during the purification procedure.

(B) In the manual protocol a magnetic field applied by an external source is used to capture the beads against the wall of the tube. The supernatant is removed by aspiration.

Manual and automated workflows were used to purify RNA from N. tabacum leaf samples (each 50 mg) with the MagJET Plant RNA Kit. The Thermo Scientific KingFisher protocol was used for the automated workflow. Isolated RNA was analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis (1%), M – Thermo Scientific RiboRuler High Range RNA Ladder.

gel electrophoresis anaysis of isolated RNA

MagJET Plasmid DNA Kit

The MagJET Plasmid DNA Kit is ideal for high-throughput plasmid DNA miniprep isolation from 0.5 to 5 mL of bacterial culture. Isolated plasmid DNA is compatible with sensitive downstream applications such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and transfection of robust cell lines.


  • High yields–up to 5 µg of plasmid DNA from 1 mL of bacterial culture
  • Pure–isolated DNA is immediately ready-to-use in downstream application such as sequencing, in vitro transcription, restriction enzyme digestion, and or transfection of robust cell lines
  • Flexible–automated and manual processing protocols available
  • Reproducible results and robust performance
  • Includes RNase A

MagJET Genomic DNA Purification Kits

MagJET Genomic DNA Purification Kits are suitable for high-throughput genomic DNA purification and are compatible with a large variety of organisms and cell types, including eukaryotic cells, tissue culture, blood, plants, bacteria and yeast.


  • Efficient–high yields of high molecular weight genomic DNA
  • High quality–isolates high integrity gDNA, free of inhibitors and RNA contamination
  • Flexible–compatible for automated high-throughput processing and low-throughput manual use
  • Reliable–reproducible yields and robust performance

MagJET RNA Purification Kits

MagJET RNA Purification Kits deliver high total RNA yields and exceptional purity. This allows for reliable use of isolated RNA in every demanding downstream application such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR and library preparation.


  • Efficient–high yields of high-integrity RNA
  • High quality–isolates intact total RNA, free of inhibitors and gDNA contamination
  • Flexible–compatible for automated high-throughput processing and low-throughput manual use
  • Reliable–reproducible yields and robust performance

MagJET Viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit

MagJET Viral DNA and RNA Kit allows for simultaneous viral nucleic acid purification from human plasma, serum, cell swabs, urine and other bodily liquids. The kit is ideal for high-throughput sample processing delivering consistent yields and robust performance.


  • Versatile–compatible with human serum, plasma, swabs, urine, saliva and other bodily liquids
  • Flexible–supports different sample volumes
  • High yields–over a wide linear range
  • High purity–nuclease-, protein-, qPCR and RT-qPCR inhibitors-free

MagJET mRNA Enrichment Kit

The MagJET mRNA Enrichment Kit allows for fast and efficient purification of mRNA from a broad range of total RNA amounts. High binding capacity, uniform particle size, and rapid magnetic response of MagJET Oligo (dT) beads makes the technology ideal for high- and low-throughput purification.


  • Up to 10-fold mRNA enrichment
  • Full length high integrity mRNA isolation
  • High yields from broad (5 – 100 µg) RNA input range
  • Compatible with high-throughput automation

MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Selection Kit

The MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Selection Kit is optimized for robust and efficient DNA fragment library purification and size selection from a large variety of enzymatic reaction mixtures used in NGS workflows.


  • Robust–reliable cleanup and size selection from different reaction mixtures and buffers
  • Flexible–user-defined size-selection of exact DNA fragment range
  • NGS-grade purity–complete removal of NGS adapters, primers, nucleotides, enzymes and other reaction components inhibiting the NGS workflow
  • High-throughput compatible–easy to automate on Thermo Scientific KingFisher magnetic particle processors for high-throughput sample handling

MagJET Separation Rack

A magnetic separation racks intended for low-throughput magnetic bead manipulation procedures such as magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation.