Adhesive films and foils are two of the most common options for sealing PCR plates. Standard adhesive sealing films and foils are excellent for endpoint PCR and can be used for general plate storage. Sealing foils can also be used with highly sensitive samples and can be pierced with a pipette tip. Optical adhesive films are the optimal solution for qPCR and can help ensure consistent real-time PCR data. PCR strip caps can also be used for sealing a limited number of wells on a PCR plate.

Adhesive PCR plate seals by Thermo Scientific

PCR films and foils are used to securely seal the plates to help prevent sample evaporation during thermal cycling or storage. Evaporation may produce inaccurate results as it alters the pH of the reaction mixture and enzymatic function. We offer clear polymer films and aluminum films.

  • Clear films used in qPCR applications must be of high optical clarity for reliable data collection (Figure 1A).
  • Aluminum films are excellent for light-sensitive samples and are pierceable for sample transfer in PCR (Figure 1B).
Left panel shows a plate sealed with clear adhesive film and the right panel shows a plate sealed with aluminum film

Figure 1. Types of adhesive seals for PCR and qPCR plates.

Table 1. Adhesive plate seals

 product photoproduct photoproduct photo
Plate seal typeAdhesive PCR plate sealsAdhesive PCR plate foilsABsolute qPCR plate seals
Catalog numberAB-0558AB-0626AB-1170

PCR tube racks

PCR tube and plate racks provide support during heat sealing and dispensing samples and reagents. Tube racks with lids serve storage purposes (Table 2).

Table 2. Adhesive plate seals

 product photoproduct photoproduct photo
PCR tube rack type96-well rack with cover96-well aluminum support384-well aluminum support
Catalog numberPRK-0963PRK-1963PRK-1383

Cap-It tool and applicator

In addition to the PCR tube and plate rack, the Cap-IT tool and applicator are commonly used in conjunction with PCR plastics consumables.

  • The Cap-It Tool helps to secure domed caps to tube strips and plates. Additionally, the Cap-It tool is advantageous in that they allow for the simultaneous sealing of multiple tubes.
  • The Adhesive Seal Applicator helps effectively seal adhesive seals to PCR and qPCR plates.
 product photoproduct photo
Tools/AccessoriesCap-It ToolFilm applicator
Catalog numberAB-05364333183
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