Hot-start PCR prevents the amplification of non-specific products, amplifies low abundance targets and offers convenient room temperature reaction setup. We offer different hot-start DNA polymerases to support your everyday research needs. This includes Thermo Scientific DreamTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerase, which is an enhanced hot start Taq DNA polymerase suitable for most PCR applications. DreamTaq Hot Start offers higher sensitivity, specificity, and yields compared to conventional hot start Taq DNA polymerase. 

Select the best Thermo Scientific hot-start DNA polymerase for your needs

  For everyday research For fast PCR
  DreamTaq Hot Start
DNA Polymerase
Phire Hot Start II
DNA Polymerase
Enhanced specificity Yes Yes
Sensitivity 3 pg 100 pg
Amplicon size–genomic/phage DNA ≤6kb/20kb ≤7.5kb/20kb
Activation time Immediate Immediate
Cycling time 60 s/kb 10–15 s/kb
3′A overhang or blunt 3′A Blunt
Stand-alone enzyme
Master mix

*Contains green buffer that includes density reagent and two tracking dyes for direct loading of PCR products on gels.