We offer a variety of enzymes for routine PCR applications requiring consistent and reliable DNA polymerase performance. Our DreamTaq DNA Polymerase is an enhanced Taq DNA polymerase that helps ensure higher sensitivity, longer PCR products, and higher yields compared to conventional Taq enzymes.

DreamTaq DNA Polymerase is available in a range of convenient formats to suit any workflow.

Thermo Scientific routine PCR enzyme selection table

 Routine performanceEnhanced performance
ProductTaq DNA Polymerase (recombinant)DreamTaq DNA Polymerase
Amplicon sizeUp to 5 kbUp to 6 kb
dUTP incorporationYesNo
Stand-alone enzyme
Master mix
*Contains green buffer that includes density reagent and two tracking dyes for direct loading of PCR products on gels.

Additional routine PCR enzymes

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.