FastDigest Value Pack

The Thermo Scientific FastDigest Value Pack includes 13 of our most popular restriction enzymes and both colorless and green 10x FastDigest buffers. Simplify your restriction digestion when you no longer need to change buffers for single, double, or multiple DNA digestion or add density reagents or tracking dyes for downstream applications.

Enjoy the flexibility of having a small stock of restriction enzymes for your workflow along with the benefits of FastDigest enzymes including:

  • One universal buffer for all 176 FastDigest specificities
  • Complete digestion in 5–15 min
  • Load directly onto gels with FastDigest green buffers

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The value pack includes 20 reactions each of the following FastDigest enzymes plus two 1 mL aliquots each of FastDigest Green Buffer and FastDigest Buffer:

  • FastDigest BamHI
  • FastDigest BglII
  • FastDigest EcoRI
  • FastDigest Eco32I
  • FastDigest HindIII
  • FastDigest KpnI
  • FastDigest NdeI
  • FastDigest NotI
  • FastDigest PstI
  • FastDigest SalI
  • FastDigest SmaI
  • FastDigest XbaI
  • FastDigest XhoI
GeneRuler Express Ladder

M: Marker–Thermo Scientific GeneRuler Express Ladder (Cat. No. SM1553)
1: Plasmid–undigested control
Plasmid–digested with FastDigest EcoRI
Plasmid–double digested with FastDigest EcoRI and FastDigest KpnI
Plasmid–triple digested with FastDigest EcoRI, FastDigest KpnI and FastDigest SmaI

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.