In Vitro Transcription

Accelerating in vitro RNA synthesis

In vitro transcription is a straightforward procedure to synthesize RNA from DNA by using components of bacteriophage systems; T7, T3 or SP6 systems.  Thermo Scientific offers high quality and efficient tools for RNA synthesis, available in complete kits or stand-alone products (e.g., RNA polymerases, dNTPs, etc.).  In vitro transcripts are suitable for many applications including RNA functional (e.g., aptamers and ribozymes) and structural studies, probes in analytical techniques (e.g., hybridization analysis), biochemical and genetic studies (e.g., antisense reagents).

Broad portfolio of products covering the complete RNA synthesis workflow

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Molecular biology grade dNTPs can be used in all demanding molecular biology applications and are highly stable with purity greater than 99% (confirmed by HPLC).


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