Acids for Diverse Chemical Applications

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Acids are molecules or ions that act as proton or hydrogen ion donors (Brønsted-Lowry acid) in non-aqueous solutions or can accept an electron pair in water (Lewis acid). Organic acids are typically weaker than inorganic acids. Physically, these substances have a low pH, sour taste, and can react with bases resulting in salts and water. Acids are utilized as reagents and catalysts in both academic and industrial applications.  

Top acid categories

Organic and Inorganic Acid Products

We offer a comprehensive line of high-purity organic and inorganic acids. These products are suitable for use in workup procedures and in a wide range of research and laboratory applications. They are also used as solvents, substrates, or catalysts (as a Brønsted acid source) in many chemical reactions.

Acids are available concentrated or in solution, and in a variety of grades based on purity, including reagent (ACS), laboratory, and other technical and specialty preparations.