Thermo Scientific offers a selection of high-quality labware products suitable for laboratory applications.

Our diverse range of products includes:

  • High-purity, corrosion- and oxidation-resistant oxide ceramics for high-temperature applications
  • Platinum metal labware for analytical applications
  • Glassy carbon products—including crucibles suitable for use in high-temperature differential thermal/thermal gravimetric analyses, and specimen holders and cuvettes for atomic absorption and atomic emission spectroscopy and multi-element analyses
  • Non-precious metal standard crucibles available in zirconium, nickel, molybdenum, and other metals and alloys
  • General and specialty laboratory equipment

Featured products

Ceramic labware

Oxide ceramics are manufactured with materials of pure metal oxides without the admixtures of silicates. Our products are comprised of high-purity alumina (Al₂O₃), zirconia (ZrO₂), or magnesia (MgO).

Glassy carbon labware

High-temperature treatment imparts special material properties to our glassy carbon products, including significantly improved corrosion resistance, strength, good electrical conductivity, impermeability to gases and liquids, and more.

Laboratory equipment

Thermo Scientific offers various types of laboratory equipment necessary for a wide range of research and industry applications, including gas purification, spectroscopy, and more.

Non-precious metal labware

Our high precision refractory metal crucibles come in virtually unlimited shapes and sizes that offers advantages in cost, efficiency, and length of service.

PTFE labware

Our complete range of PTFE laboratory products are uniquely suitable for many laboratory applications because of their almost total chemical inertness and wide range of working temperatures, with an upper limit of about 290°C. 

Quartz labware

Fused quartz products are manufactured by fusing naturally occurring crystalline silica, imparting many desirable properties such as excellent electrical insulation, high melting point, chemical purity, and corrosion resistance.

Platinum labware

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