Custom and Bulk Chemicals

Go beyond the catalog. Trusted source. Customized solutions. Optimized service.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Custom and Bulk Chemical Services enable an easy transition from standard catalogue products to larger scale and/or customized chemicals.


Our global organization is ready to serve your unique needs. Simply request a quote below to speak  our team. We offer:

  • An extensive product selection manufactured in-house or sourced from our reliable global supply network
  • A seamless transition from grams to multi-metric tons
  • Reliable quality with stringent in-house testing, supply chain disclosure, traceability, risk mitigation, international compliance documentation, and quality documentation
  • Customized packaging and specifications

Structure Search Tool

Search our chemical database for an exact or substructure match on your molecule of interest. Or use the canvas to construct, import or edit molecules.

Element Search Tool

Find pure elements, alloys, and compounds in a range of formats.