Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures and sources a broad selection of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals that can be tailored to meet your research and development needs. Our chemicals are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system and are shipped with lot-specific Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets.

When the products you need are not readily available off the shelf or from a catalog, or you need a specialty chemical, save time and resources by turning to Thermo Fisher Scientific as the source you can trust for your specialized chemical requirements. We offer a customized solution to meet your needs, offering you the optimal service each and every time.

Specialty services

Manufacturing and custom synthesis

Our Thermo Scientfic-, Fisher Chemicals-, and Fisher Bioreagents-labeled products can be customized to meet your requirements for solvents of various grades and purities, buffers, reagents, standards, and more.

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Specialty and fine chemicals

Our specialty and fine chemicals products include organics, inorganics, pure elements, metals, and materials for laboratory R&D use in professional and industrial settings, as well as life science products for pharma and biotechnology.

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Manufacturing and production

We offer synthesis capabilities at various locations throughout the world. One of our primary laboratory and kilo-scale organic synthesis units is located in Heysham, in northwest England. Our experienced development and production teams can deliver a variety of products to meet the needs of customers in research fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to semiconductors, structural materials, and imaging.

Our manufacturing and production capabilities cover the following:

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Custom synthesis

Whether you're looking to synthesize complex organic building blocks, optimize your synthesis, or develop a scalable route, we can provide the expertise and knowledge to support your research project.

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Person in PPE standing in manufacturing facility

Custom manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities set us apart from our competitors. We have been manufacturing products for many years with an extensive database of production methods for over 8,000 products.

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Inside of manufacturing facility

Quality control

Our quality system is maintained in order to meet the ISO 9001 standard requirements, giving credibility to our systems and processes, and ensuring that our products and services meet our customers' expectations.

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Specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, metals and catalysts


Through our own manufacturing facilities and key manufacturing partnerships, Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide a broad range of organic and organometallic compounds.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high-purity inorganic compounds. We produce thousands of distinct materials to exacting standards for R&D.


We carry a wide selection of catalysts in varying purities and concentrations for a broad range of laboratory applications, including synthetic research in academic and industrial settings.

Pure elements, metals & materials

Thermo Fisher Scientific is well-known for the manufacture of high purity specialty metals and materials, including pure elements, for a variety of research applications.

Analytical fluxes

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a world-renowned reputation for supplying high-quality analytical fluxes for mineralogical research applications in the geosciences and the cement and steel industries.

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