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Genetic information is rapidly transforming the future of healthcare by enabling accurate and affordable diagnosis and prognosis, targeted treatments, and monitoring solutions. We are committed to providing reliable and easy-to-use solutions, services, and support to meet the demanding needs of your work.

From scalable translational research solutions to proven clinical laboratory services and diagnostics, we are a partner you can trust to help you efficiently develop and apply differentiated clinical applications today, and for many years into the future.

Learn about our complete line of equipment and consumables to support anatomical pathology workflows from specimen collection to diagnosis.

Biobanking products, services and solutions to secure and preserve your samples, track your inventory, streamline productivity, and meet your toughest laboratory challenges.

Learn about end-to-end workflow offerings for the study of cancer genomics, epigenetics, RNA expression, cell analysis; also find Oncomine Platform solutions.

High-quality materials, services, and support you need for every step of the journey from discovery to clinical research to commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Uniquely diverse portfolio of genomic solutions focused on oncology, infectious disease, reproductive health, inherited disease, and other clinical research tests.

Customizable and robust antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems, isolation and screening media, and microorganism identification solutions.

Advanced solutions to help you translate genomic biomarkers and novel therapeutics into future clinical applications.

Custom solutions, companion diagnostics, general-purpose and analyte-specific reagents, software, and instruments.

Reliable, easy-to-use IVD instruments and tests for condition and disease diagnostics and monitoring in clinical diagnostic laboratories.

Moving healthcare from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more targeted approach, where decisions are informed by each individual’s unique clinical, molecular, and lifestyle information.

Targeted NGS solutions that help accelerate the move from oncology and other disease research to clinical applications in the future, linking genes to disease states, prognosis, and more effective treatments.

Learn about our research and clinical tools and solutions to help laboratories address the public health concerns of today and prepare for those of the future.

Accepting applications for research that use our solutions to find ways to improve health outcomes, reduce patient care costs, explore unmet surveillance, clinical, and diagnostic needs, and facilitate effective decision-making.

Accelerate the development of your therapeutics and streamline the regulatory process while saving time and cost with our comprehensive HLA typing solutions for companion diagnostics (CDx) indications.

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Portable analysis instruments, lab equipment, and kits for human identification and narcotics and trace evidence analysis.

Solutions for food and beverage analysis, weighing and inspection, and authenticity and labeling, including food microbiology testing, detection, and identification.

Advanced instrumental techniques and workflows to accelerate the development pipeline and optimize production processes

Portable, personal analytical instruments to detect and identify hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives, and radiological threats.