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3DHISTECH™ digital pathology solutions, distributed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, enable pathologists to engage, evaluate and collaborate rapidly and remotely with transparency and consistency, thus improving efficiency and productivity. This comprehensive family of instrumentation and software can also be customized for a variety of applications including pathology, neuroscience, drug discovery and personalized medicine research.

Our digital pathology products are presently available for research use only.

Whole Slide Scanners
The 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC™ series is a comprehensive range of whole-slide scanners on the global market offering:

  • Single-slide, small and mid-size slide capacity options for labs producing up to 35,000 slides per year.
  • High-speed, 250 and higher volume configurations for both single and double wide slides capacity options for labs producing up to 200,000 slides per year.
  • Brightfield, fluorescent and confocal scanning options.
  • Customizable for specific application workflows.
  • High-resolution magnification for faster, more precise evaluation.

Tissue Microarrayers
The TMA series of digital tissue microarrayers are designed to produce consistent hands-free core arrays. Optional transfer of cores to cuvettes for molecular testing.

TMA Grand Master instrument, with 60 donor blocks and 12 recipient blocks, is the world's fastest tissue microarrayer and is recommended for high-throughput applications.

Master II microarrayer is designed for labs requiring less tissue variations per array and features a five block capacity.

Integrated Software Solutions

Working together with the instrumentation, flexible QuantCenter software modules provide a wide variety of image analysis tools:

  • HistoQuant for multipurpose non-cellular structures and elements.
  • PatternQuant for tissue type classification.
  • CellQuant for IHC scoring of nuclear, membrane, and cytoplasmic stains.
  • Additional QuantCenter Modules for ISH protocols.

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