Delivering exceptional consistency and reliability, Thermo Scientific™ consumables and reagents are the first choice among leading hospitals and cancer centers. Our patented products solve common workflow and quality challenges faced in today’s histology laboratories.

Histology product categories

Overcome common tissue processing challenges with the complete line of Thermo Scientific™ processing products.

Reduce exposure to toxic fumes and protect patient specimens with premixed and concentrated Thermo Scientific™ fixative products.

Embed with confidence by utilizing high quality Thermo Scientific™ embedding supplies. 

Optimize your workflow and meet your lab's unique needs with our cryotomy products, from embedding media and freezing spray to high performance cryostats and accessories.

Consistently achieve reliable, high quality sections with Thermo Scientific™ microtomy supplies. 

Thermo Scientific™ histology and cytology stains are the first choice among leading hospitals, cancer centers and private labs.

Providing the highest quality of detection systems for clinical and research applications. Comprehensive selection of antibody panels and niche biomarkers. Consistent antigen retrieval buffers and chromogens for multiple applications.

CISH, or chromogenic in situ hybridization, may be used to evaluate gene amplification, gene deletion, chromosome translocation, and chromosome number. 

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Overview of the complete line of Thermo Scientific anatomical pathology consumables