Tissue Processing & Preparation
Reliable products for accurate results and improved workflow efficiency

Overcome common tissue processing challenges with the complete line of Thermo Scientific™ processing products, including tissue stains and dyes, cassettes and containers, and processing equipment.

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Richard-Allan Scientific™ Signature Series Clear-Rite™ 3 

PrintMate™ Embedding Cassettes

Richard-Allan Scientific™ Mark-It™ Tissue Marking Dyes

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Learn why you can’t afford to ignore the Excelsior AS tissue processor

Our wide variety of Thermo Scientific™ tissue processors helps reduce reagent costs while enhancing workflow and tissue quality.

Cytoslides, cytofunnels, coverslips and baskets, and other accessories.

Reduce exposure to toxic fumes and protect patient specimens with premixed and concentrated Thermo Scientific™ fixative products.

Safely hold biopsy specimens during processing and embedding with the special design of Thermo Scientific™ Biopsy Processing and Embedding Cassettes.

Biopsy Bags

Protect your small and friable tissue with Thermo Scientific™ easy opening biopsy bags. Each bag comes in various sizes and is available in regular or acid-resistant material.

Transport, store, and retrieve pathology specimens in a safe and cost effective manner with Thermo Scientific™ specimen containers.

Specimen Containers
Tissue Marking Dyes

Permanently mark the margins of excised surgical specimens for exact orientation with Thermo Scientific™ tissue-marking dyes.


 Thermo Scientific Richard-Allan Scientific Histology and Cytology Standard Stains Instructions for Use