Microscope Slides, Glassware and Accessories

Microscope slides are the foundation of your research and diagnostics—the platform for your samples. We offer a variety of slides and specialty glass including adhesion slides, microslides, beveled microslides, positively charged slides and others.

In addition, we offer a full range of accessories such as coverslippers, slide storage solutions, slide and cassette printers and more.

Microscope slides, glassware and accessories product categories

Reduce risk of tissue loss, lower the cost of re-cuts and improve productivity with our slides and specialty glass.

Our slide stainers help you to achieve consistency and streamline your workflow.

Reduce errors and streamline your workflow with our slide and cassette printers.

Collection trays, hot foil tape, cassettes, marking pens, software, digital imagers and more.

From transporting and protecting slides and blocks during shipping to permanent storage solutions.

Enjoy compatibility with a variety of stainers to accommodate any lab setting with Thermo Scientific™ ClearVue™ Mountants. 

Slide baskets, hangers, mountants, coverslip tape, coverslip hoppers and more.

Eliminate toxicity and disposal problems with Thermo Scientific™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Resolve™ Immersion Oil.