Slide and Cassette Printers

When patient safety is on the line, rely on the accuracy of on-demand systems

In traditional batch processing, technicians print hundreds of cassettes and slides, then manually match them with specimens—often hours later. It’s a system destined for transference errors.

Thermo Scientific™ on-demand slide and cassette printing solutions make accuracy easy. Labeling takes place right at the laboratory technician’s workspace—right when the tissue is processed. No unattended samples; no illegible, handwritten cassettes or slides; no confusion.

Grossing—Cassettes are printed on-demand during grossing by scanning barcoded specimen containers and selecting key variables via a simple input device like a barcode scanner or touchscreen.

Microtomy—Slides are printed on-demand during sectioning by scanning barcoded cassettes and selecting key variables via a simple input device like a barcode scanner or touchscreen.

Immunohistochemistry—IHC slides are printed at the microtome with the necessary text and barcodes to automate the IHC stainer process.

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Featured products

Eliminate waste and streamline your labeling process by printing cassettes on demand with the Thermo Scientific™ PrintMate™ AS Cassette Printer at the grossing station.

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The Thermo Scientific™ SlideMate™ AS slide printer is designed to be highly reliable, and easy to operate. By employing simple mechanics, the SlideMate AS reduces slide-handling problems associated with other slide printers. 

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Collection trays, marking pens, and more for your SlideMate AS Slide Printer, SlideMate Slide Printer, PrintMate AS Cassette Printer, and PrintMate Cassette Printer. 

Thermo Scientific™ LabWriter Software

Easy-to-use software platform for labeling and tracking

  • Laboratory Information System connectivity
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Print text in an unlimited range of fonts and sizes
  • Print 2D data matrix barcodes 

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Thermo Scientific™ LabWriter Software