Instrument Trays

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a full range of organized, stand-alone, and benchtop pathology workstations for the gross examination and sectioning of specimens.

Make your design process easier with products featuring quality materials and manufacturing.

Morgue & autopsy equipment categories

A comprehensive range of postmortem examination products, including dissecting, autopsy, and necropsy tables, sinks, refrigerators, grossing stations, and cabinetry.

Cadaver bags and covers for protection from exposure, as well as handwashing soaps and foams.

Necropsy and dissection tables for large and small animals.

A full range of organized, stand-alone and benchtop pathology workstations for grossing.

Streamline your autopsy workflow with these dissecting accessories, including dissecting trays and boards, tool stands, cases, beakers, table accessories, and more.

A range of dissection tools, including scissors, forceps, saws, probes, dishes, blades, and more.